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Luna Display by Astropad

Luna Display by Astropad

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Luna Display turns your iPad into a wireless display for Mac or PC. 

The Luna hardware unit (USB-C, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort)
Access to the Luna Display apps for desktop and iPad
Luna Display Modes

Computer-to-iPad: Extend your computer desktop to iPad
Mac-to-Mac: Use an extra Mac as a second display — works on older Macs too!
Headless Mode: Use your Mac or iPad as the main display for Mac Mini or Mac Pro
Untether Your Workflow

Connect over WiFi or USB
Low-latency performance at 16 ms
Crystal-clear image quality
GPU acceleration
Full support for iPad touch gestures, Apple Pencil, and keyboards

Please note: Luna does not work with adapters. Learn more

How To Choose Your Luna Display Unit Type

System Requirements for Luna Display

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